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i want the answer for the following question ..

{{you are the v.p. of the acme marketing group, ltd attending a launch party of the willow woolproof widget (your client). you overhear the following conversation:

stuffed shirt #1 so, i told the old man, “i’ve been the spiral sprockett brand manager for eight years and worked with the brand for twenty.” he wants me to write a marketing plan! like i haven’t enough to do.
stuffed shirt #2 a marketing plan. what good is that gonna do? the ad guys figure it all out.

now, you know that marketing isn’t advertising but that’s not really the point. the point is that you know the value of working through the process of writing a plan. you really hope you don’t get sucked into the conversation and you try to make your way to the bar. too late! you’ve been spotted! stuffed shirt #1 pins you down and demands, “have you ever heard of such a big waste of time?!”

that’s it. now you have to answer him. and you know that your answer has to be logical, succinct, and persuasive…}}

minimum 2 pages.. no plagiarism ..
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