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hello my friend. i lost your connection last week because i have some problems to log in to solutioninn and they change my account setup. i want to pay you for the task last week as closed deal. sorry for delay but it was not my fault. i am very happy that you trying to help me out with it. and i will continue to work with you but i know you are a very busy there. don't worry because i am very flexible.

here i have a project to do and i would like to ask you give me some idea very simply, nothing huge or complex. it is the only project that i need so i want to ask you to help me done it. below are the instructions:

for the mission statement you can write something about(not hungry kids or way to be a world cup champion). any other idea i can accept so here are the instructions:

goal: to design an interactive trade show exhibit based on an interest (this can be a hobby, an area of employment you wish to work in, your it concentration or just something that is of interest to you). an interactive interface and a presentation introducing your exhibit should be included.

build an interface using flash/actionscript that allows users to navigate your content. navigation can use any kind of button or menu system that manipulates the timeline and allows users to effectively interact with your content.

animate an introductory presentation. include logos, bitmaps, text (i.e. your mission statement), or any other multimedia elements that effectively describe your exhibit. demonstrate your knowledge of flash/actionscript techniques by integrating elements such as sound, text effects, video clips, music, morphing, path animation, mask layers, and any other flash elements or effects that you feel are appropriate. presentations should be no shorter than one minute in length.

storyboard your ideas before beginning your work.

include your storyboard, along with a summary of
your design process on a separate page dedicated to your project’s work.

i like soccer so if you want to choose something about soccer it will be great.
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