task exercise 18–4: pareto

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book for class (i don’t have book. –but you can google to see pages)
textbook- health care finance: basic tools for nonfinancial managers, 3e - open resource.
judith j. baker & r.w. baker

what i need done:
task exercise 18–4: pareto rule review the chapter text about the pareto rule and examine figure 18-4. note that the text says pareto diagrams are often drawn to reflect before and after results. assume that figure 18-4 is the before diagram for the billing department.

further assume that the after results are as follows:
activity activity code number process denied bills
process denied bills pdw 12
review with supervisor rws 10
locate documentation ld 6
copy documentation cd 5

1. redo the pareto diagram with the after results. (use figure 18-4 as a guide.)
2. comment on the before and after results for the billing department.

tips for this task:
the key to finishing the third question is to take a careful look at fig. 18-4 on page 212. this pareto chart is basically a bar chart that shows the volume for four activities. pareto charts can also be used to compare the 'before' and 'after' performance of activities. this is what the task is asking you to do. the question says to assume that fig 18-4 represents the 'before' data and that the information on page 397 represents the 'after' performance. so, all you need to do is create a pareto chart (or comparative bar chart) that shows both the 'before' and 'after' results. then, comment on the comparison.
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