task (post project review)

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post project review

to demonstrate understanding and need for the critical evaluation of projects.

post-project reviews are most important, but often neglected, element of the project management activity. the purpose is not only to define the performance of the project against its objectives, but also to assist in the recording of knowledge for future projects. additionally, as well as the performance of the project, reviews also focus on the delivery of benefits to the business/customer.

your task brief for this coursework is to perform a post project review (ppr) for a project you have recently been involved with or a project which you can have access to its data. this need not be a major project, but should focus on one which you can assess the performance and benefits of, against the stated objectives.

as a guide your report should include the following issues:

• project performance – compare achievements against the plan.
• techniques of project management – review the methods used for estimating, planning and cost control.
• tools and technology – evaluate the application and effectiveness of tools used.
• benefits to the organization and customer – compare against the plan.

you should also report on the knowledge retention that will be passed on to other projects, and prepare a comprehensive conclusion and recommendation list.


your report should not exceed 2000 words. an executive summary, full bibliography and reference list should be included.
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