task problem set 2 ( need today )

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task problem set 2

due date: feb 16, 2014 23:59:59 max points: 90

details: complete problems 3.7 (parts a, b, and c), 3.15, and 3.17 (parts c,d, e, and f) in the textbook.
it is suggested that the student use microsoft excel to complete all problems. refer to examples 4 and 8 in chapter 3 of the text.
these data files are also available in the topic materials and may prove helpful (please ensure that your excel file includes the associated cell computations; this information is needed in order to receive full credit for these problems).
where applicable, microsoft project may also be used to complete these problems.
you are not required to submit this task to turnitin, unless otherwise directed by your instructor. if so directed, refer to the student success center for directions. only word documents can be submitted to turnitin.
3.7 task time estimates for the modification of an assembly
line at jim goodale’s carbondale, illinois, factory are as follows:
activity time (in hours) immediate predecessors
a 6.0 —
b 7.2 —
c 5.0 a
d 6.0 b, c
e 4.5 b, c
f 7.7 d
g 4.0 e, f
a) draw the project network using aon.
b) identify the critical path.
c) what is the expected project length?

3.15 the following is a table of activities associated with a project at rafay ishfaq’s
software firm in chicago, their durations, and what activities each must precede:

activity duration (weeks) precedes
a (start) 1 b,c
b 1 e
c 4 f
e 2 f
f (end) 2 —

a) draw an aon diagram of the project, including activity durations.

b) define the critical path, listing all critical activities in chronological order.

c) what is the project duration (in weeks)?

d) what is the slack (in weeks) associated with any and all noncritical paths through the project?
3.17 bill fennema, president of fennema hospitality, has developed the
tasks, durations, and predecessor relationships in the following table for
building new motels. draw the aon network and answer the questions that follow.
time estimates (in weeks)
activity immediate predecessor(s) optimistic most likely pessimistic
a — 4 8 10
b a 2 8 24
c a 8 12 16
d a 4 6 10
e b 1 2 3
f e, c 6 8 20
g e, c 2 3 4
h f 2 2 2
i f 6 6 6
j d, g, h 4 6 12
k i, j 2 2 3

c) based on the calculation of estimated times, what is the critical path?

d) what is the estimated time of the critical path?

e) what is the activity variance along the critical path?

f) what is the probability of completion of the project before week 36?
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