assume that morgan has hired you as a database consultant

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assume that morgan has hired you as a database consultant to develop an operational database having the same tables described at the end of chapter 7 (note that store uses the surrogate key storeid):store (storeid, storename, city, country, phone, fax, email, contact)purchase_item (purchaseitemid, storeid, purchasedate, itemdescription, category, priceusd)shipment (shipmentid, shipperid, shipperinvoicenumber, origin, destination, departuredate, arrival date)shipment_item (shipmentid, shipmentitemid, purchaseitemid, insuredvalue)shipper (shipperid, shippername, phone, fax, email, contact)a. assume that morgan personnel are the owner (morgan), an office administrator, one full-time salesperson, and two part-time salespeople. morgan and the office administrator want to process data in all tables. additionally, the full-time salesperson can enter purchase and shipment data. the part-time employees can only read shipment data; they are not allowed to see insuredvalue, however. prepare a three- to five-page memo for the owner that addresses the following issues:1. the need for database administration at morgan.2. your recommendation as to who should serve as database administrator. assume that morgan is not sufficiently large that it needs or can afford a full-time database administrator.3. using figure 9-1 as a guide, describe the nature of database administration activities at morgan. as an aggressive consultant, keep in mind that you can recommend yourself for performing some of the dba functions.b. for the employees described in part a, define users, groups, and permissions on data in these five tables. use the security scheme shown in figure 9-13 as an example. create a table like that in figure 9-12. don’t forget to include yourself.c. suppose that you are writing a stored procedure to record new purchases. suppose that you know that while your procedure is running, another stored procedure that records shipment data can be running, and a third stored procedure that updates shipper data can also be running.1. give an example of a dirty read, a nonrepeatable read, and a phantom read among this group of stored procedures.2. what concurrency control measures are appropriate for the stored procedure that you are creating?3. what concurrency control measures are appropriate for the two other stored procedures?
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