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the purpose of this case is to illustrate the derivation of financial statements under accrual accounting
without using ledger accounts or t accounts or using the terms debits and credits. the case
takes a balance sheet perspective by asking you to interpret how each of the accounting events
described in the case affects the beginning balance sheet. the case is centered on a fictitious entrepre-
neurial company established in seattle, washington’s pike place market to produce and distribute aus-
tralian meat pies.

the case is organized into two parts. in part one, establishing the business, you are asked to
use a set of seven transactions to establish the wine business and to prepare the company’s balance sheet
at the end of its first day. in the second part, subsequent transactions, you are asked to start with the
balance sheet at the end of the first day and use a set of thirteen subsequent summary transactions to
prepare a complete set of financial statements (balance sheet, income statement, and statement of cash
flows) at the end of the first year.

you do not have to provide a written analysis only the financials.

see attached file for case study
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