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have clients uploading data to and we want through their e-mail notification an application that would move those folders/files from to ec2 server. then create another folder in ec2 with exact content as backup. once that is done we would like the data, could be excel, text delimited, raw text, pdf files, to get a reporting for each file that contains all the heading fields stating in each if it is empty, if it is missing some lines, if any of the values are 0 and the date ranges. ultimately we would like the fields compared to a data dictionary of fields and give some key or required fields that we need to know those in more detail in that report and if it passes the test for those fields then we need to filter the entire data against another table of ours and get another data file with the filtered data only.
this can be done in stages, first the e-mail automation where it triggers a routine that copies the data into ec2 and makes the duplication.
the second stage is the first report of all the fields, especially the required fields and e-mail reporting of it.
the third stage if it contains all the required fields completely then filter the data against our table and create a file with the data from those hits only. place that data in a different folder.

we can do this with one good programmer or company or several and break it down by stages. please let me know the time line or range and price. thanks.
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