ba 3301 profesional written communication

Project Description:

situational analysis of an organization


purose of task

for this major writing task, you will research the situational analysis of 3 or 2 (depending on people in your group) industries/organizations/employers each of you are considering employment with. to help you with this analysis, use our in-class discussions, prezi materials, and relevant textbooks.


make sure to meet these minimums


this paper will be approximately 3,000 words or up to 12 pages in length (not including the title, abstract, and references page) and will be a group effort.


it is critical that you and your group work with the situational analysis surrounding the 3 or 2 industries/organizations/employers of your choice. using apa format, bring in textual evidence that is significant as you “breakdown” the selected industries/organizations/employers.



for this task, you must cite a minimum of 7 sources as a group.  you can utilize up to 3 credible internet sources, your textbook, books, or reputable journal articles.


task breakdown

identify employer of interest and two competitors


a.  written task

1. make sure to provide a current description of the current organization.


2. analyze the situation of 3 industries/organizations/employers in terms of  context, audience, and communication. consider the following questions for the situation.




the order of these elements can change, be reorganized

to better meet the goals of your group and/or paper.

a. what situation is this organization responding to? how do you know?  or what do you   

   currently observe in this organization’s situational environment? (p. 96-102)



b.  who is this organization’s targeted audience and how do you know?

c.  how does the organization tailor the message to their audience? (p. 123-141)

d.  in light of the communication model on page 11, what barriers              

     can/do exist with this organization’s message?

e.  how may audiences receive and decode this message? (p. 13-14)

f.  how is this message being culturally sensitive and/or aware?

g.  how does this organization maintain its ethics? (p. 22)



h. how does this organization usually communicate? (p. 5)

i. does the medium used for this organization’s messages work or not? why or why not?  



 3. research and identify your desired employer’s areas of weakness. this will lead to figuring out

      the points of comparison between or among companies.


4. based on your findings, articulate how your qualifications/skill sets can improve your employer   

     of interest with any facet of its organization, thus out-competing your desired employer’s two     

     top competitors.


book to be used:  bovee, j. v. & thill, c. l. (2013). excellence in business communication (11th    

     ed.). boston, ma: pearson.  isbn: 9780133544176
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