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a. jazeera airways group (the “ultimate parent company”) is a unique business model was incorporated by amiri decree on 3 march 2004 as a kuwaiti public shareholding company under the laws of kuwait and is engaged in the business of air transportation and commercial passenger services under a license from the directorate general of civil aviation.

“the opportunity at home”, jazeera airways addressed its 2013 annual report. to display and download “annual report 2013 in english, access following web page at:
(or you can copy and paste the above address)
as financial analysts, and in no more than 500 words, write a report about jazeera airways group, by using its 2013 annual report to answer the following questions

ayman delivery service, inc. completed the following transactions during its first month of operations for january 2014:
a. ayman delivery services, inc. began operations by receiving $13,000 cash and a truck valued at $20,000. the business issued common stock to acquire these assets.
b. paid $600 cash for supplies.
c. prepaid insurance, $1,300.
d. performed delivery services for a customer and received $900 cash.
e. completed a large delivery job, billed the customer $3,500, and received a promise to collect it within one week.
f. paid employee salary, $2,000.
g. received $25,000 cash for performing delivery services.
h. collected $1,000 in advance for delivery service to be performed later.
i. collected $1,500 cash from a customer on account.
j. purchased fuel for the truck , paying $300 with a company credit card (credit accounts payable)
k. performed delivery services on account, $1,800.
l. paid office rent $1,200. this rent is not paid in advance.
m. paid $500 for accounts payable.
n. paid cash dividends of $4,000.
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