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in task 3-3, you will perform a quality balance sheet assessment of the company you chose in module one. this analysis will include a review of the current assets and liabilities and appropriate liquidity ratios, the capital structure, and the fixed and intangible asset accounting of the company. a thorough review of off-balance-sheet items should be included, such as leases and contingent liabilities. the format should be a word document, following apa-style guidelines provided below. this paper should be approximately 5 pages of written text, not counting cover page, abstract, or reference page. you are encouraged to include diagrams or exhibits illustrating your work.

the company that i have chosen is nike. here is the link to their quarterly report:

i have attached the rubric that also needs to be followed. please note - this is the first of three papers that i need to have done for this class. if i hire you for this one, and it comes back with a good grade, i will hire for subsequent papers. i need to have the paper by friday october 9th by 5:00pm eastern standard time. i do not want to spend more than $25.
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