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please review the attached answer to the attached case and answer the below information.
i want to open a discussion on how to treat the nwc, charity donation in the project work. the facts of the project indicates that the mine requires a 5% of sale investment on networking capital. the nwc will be build up in the year prior to sales. however, it did not states whether the 5% requirement on sale is per year basis or one time initial investment requirement on nwc. what are your thoughts on the open question on nwc? how will you treat the nwc requirement on the project? also, let's come to terms on how to treat $6 million charity donation. note, the same piece of land market value of $5.5 million needs to be accounted for as relevant cost (opportunity cost). there is a tax shield as cash inflow from the cahrity donation. what is the accounting treatment on the cash outflow? another important issue on the project is the calculation of the after tax salvage value and depreciation. we are required to use macrs schedule over 7 years, but the project ends at year 4. note,we need to calculate a book value at year 4. which year do we calculate the book value? the correct treatment in this areas will helps us arrive at accurte estimate of ocf. this discussion is intended to help us arrive at how to treat the inflow and outlow of cash in the areas mention above. it will also helps us to arrive at solutions to problems in the project and agreed on what information to submit for grading.
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