bi service provider summary

Project Description:

in this task you will provide a summary of a business intelligence service provider and participate in a discussion with your classmates comparing your research with theirs. possible bi service providers include:

ibm global business services
hewlett packard
tata consultancy

by monday of this week, select one business intelligence service provider to summarize from the list above.
post to the forum your chosen provider. this will minimize duplication of provider research and summarization.
review initial posts of your colleagues prior to making your choice.
if you must choose the same provider as a colleague, you might wish to collaborate through the forum with the colleague so your summaries address different aspects of the provider's business. your instructor will need to approve your choice if it is a duplicate of a classmate's.
research the bi service provider's capabilities, the company profile, and the evaluations by credible external sources.
by wednesday of this week, post your summary of the business intelligence service provider using the themes as guidance.
include aspects of bi service providers such as provider size and experience in the bi market, domain knowledge in the businesses and industries they serve, and depth and breadth of experts in analysis, mathematics, and technology.
return to the forum to review the postings of your classmates.
comment substantively on at least two of your peers' submissions. the comments should relate your research and chosen vendor to the summary you are commenting on.
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