bi service provider value and selection

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in this task you will research two bi service providers and summarize them with the goal of making a recommendation of one for your organization to pursue. this task forms the next segment or chapter of the course project, so it should be written with that in mind. this section of the paper you are authoring for your company should educate the executive audience on the two companies and recommend one or the other.

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in task 6.1, you have already researched and summarized one bi service provider. that summary will be expanded upon in this task and a second bi service provider will be researched.
choose a second bi service provider to research from the list in task 6.1.
it is acceptable to choose a service provider one of your colleagues summarized in task 6.1.
be certain that if you use material cited by your colleague, it is appropriately cited and referenced using apa style.
for both bi service providers:
research and evaluate vendor strengths and industry focus.
provide at least two referenced remarks from outside evaluators for each.
summarize each vendor separately.
after the summaries, create a comparison table with entries relative to the line items summarized. these can include:
annual revenue.
number of personnel dedicated to bi services.
software vendors partnered with to provide the service.
types of analytics included in the service.
examples of past business outcomes.
strength of noted business partners necessary to deliver the service.
geographic proximity to your organization.
stated adherence to data privacy regulatory requirements.
consulting capability.
business expertise depth.
apparent technological expertise.
conclude with a recommendation of the preferred bi service provider for your organization that provides clear reasons for the choice.
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