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as president of cycle world you must refuse a request from the north american biking association. this group wants your company to become a major sponsor of the first annual durango world mountain bike championship--to the tune of $ 30,000! this is one tune you can't dance to. the stakes are just too high. you applaud naba for its proactive stance in encouraging families to participate in the sport of mountain biking. naba was also instrumental in opening up ski resorts to mountain bikers during the summer months. actually, you'd like to support the championship. there's no doubt that such races increase interest in mountab1 biking and rider ship. you have sponsored some bike races in the past, hut far small amounts -- usually under $ 500 which paid for trophies. but the naba want of offer large cash prizes and pay the expenses of big-name champions to enter.
you are a small eugene, oregon, company, and all your current profits are being ploughed into research to compete with the japanese imports. you're very proud of your newly introduced brake pads and trigger-action shift levers. but these kinds of engineering breakthrough are costly. you don't have the big bucks naba wants. you wouldn't mind taking an ad in their program or contributing $ 500 toward trophies. but that's the limit.
write a refusal to christopher van wijk, north american biking association, 8310 montague expressway, san jose, ca 95131
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