branding and positioning

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answer all of the questions:

branding and positioning

choose a brand you are familiar with and discuss the following:
what do you think their positioning is and what you think their product benefits are?
describe how the elements of their brand (logo, name, design, package design, etc …) help to achieve this.

what thoughts, images, feelings, come to mind (your mind) when thinking of these brands: whole foods, subaru, swiffer, univ. of phoenix. or choose another brand.
write what you think a good positioning statement would be for starbucks. (don not confuse this with a mission statement)
pick two competing brands and discuss how they “differentiate” themselves from one another.

what is brand positioning?
how do you define it in your own words?
why do companies need to position the brand?
how do companies position the brand?
what is the best way to position a brand?

marketers have different views on how to position a brand. some value structured approaches such as the competitive positioning model featured in in chapter 10 which focus on specific points of parity and point of difference. other marketers prefer unstructured approaches that rely more on stories, narratives and other flowing depictions.

take a position as to what’s better: structured or unstructured? discuss using specific brand examples.
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