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hi there

looking for someone to build a site and monetize it as though it were their own. i won't be providing an brief on content, design or marketing. would suit someone with a detailed knowledge within a particular niche...

i am looking for someone to project manage and build a site from scratch involving the best people in all areas. you may be able to do everything yourself...

1. select the niche

eg. mobile games, programming, languages, jobs, career, android, apple, apps, travel, baby, parenting, dating, diet, finance and credit...seem like hot topics at the moment.

2. design and build the website using wordpress

3. set up monetization using adsense and other methods, such as
adwords, clickbank, ecommerce, affiliate, amazon, ad sales, app sales and more.

4. create a quick reference guide on how to manage and continue to grow the business.

5. put in 40 hours work spread out over 1 month to monitor and grow income streams.

6. set up search engine optimization and quality backlink building.

7. set up mailchimp newsletter software infrastructure.

8. set up a content managment system (cms)

it needs to be a money maker set up as if it were your own...

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Price Type: Fixed

Project Budget: $500 to $1,000
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    $1400 in 30 Days
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    $1000 in 16 Days