buisness ethics.

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blackboard quiz, i have two chances to take the quiz. multiple choice

1. know the ethical standard and the ethical principles associated with the four theories covered: moral egoism, natural law theory, utilitarian theory, and kantian theory.

2. know all of the ethical principles well enough that you can answer multiple choice questions about them. know which principles go with which theory, and what guidance these principles offer us.

3. know what the concepts of “consequence based theory” and “intention based theory” mean. know which term applies to each of the four theories.

4. know what the difference is between an “absolute” good and a “relative” good. know what is “absolute” within each of the four theories.

5. know who these people are and what they said that is of interest to ethical theory: jeremy bentham, j. s. mill, emanuel kant, and any rand.

6. know the difference between “negative” and “positive” rights.

7. know what the terms “maximum utility” and “categorical imperative” mean. know which theories use these concepts and how they use the concepts to direct our moral judgments.

8. know what the term “nature” means within natural law theory. according to the theory what is our “human nature,” and how does knowledge of this nature relate to questions regarding ethical behavior.

9. know what the two different types of egoism are, and how they are different.

10. what three concerns does the author of the text suggest that we pay attention to, within practical moral decision-making?

11. according to the author, what should we do if two or more ethical obligations conflict?

12. for kant, to be moral we must embrace the idea of universal acceptability. what does this mean?

13. what are some of the questions and/or criticisms that the author of the text makes regarding utilitarianism, egoism and kantianism?
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