burma pipeline case study

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produce a 2-4 page case study with proper apa citations. to be answered: 1. introduction: state the major problem of the case study and include any subsequent problems or implications that you might have noticed. 2. identify the important players within the organization, the "stakeholders". go beyond merely ‘listing’ them. discuss the reasons why you have determined these players to be the stakeholders. 3. identify other target groups of the organization, whether clients or suppliers, if appropriate. again, give your support and reasoning as to why they are important target groups. 4. state the role of management and/or the role of production/service providers. be sure to support your facts and opinions. 5. identify strategic issues and any decisions that need to be made. give examples and support your reasoning. 6. identify risk factors, the pros and cons of the risk factors and define all remedial options. 7. make your recommendation and justify. give examples. 8. conclusion: write a summary focusing on key elements.

burma pipeline:
in 1996, unocal corp. joined forces with the french total company to construct an ambitious natural gas pipeline from the andaman sea across the southern tip of burma and into thailand. at an estimated cost of $1.2 billion, the pipeline was designed to bring sorely needed energy supplies into both thailand and burma, and to serve as a linchpin for unocal's expanding asian strategy. soon after the deal is launched, however, officials from unocal find themselves entangled with far-sweeping political forces and activist groups that span national borders. because of its involvement with the slorc, burma's military leadership, unocal is being accused of complicity in a whole series of human rights abuses, including slavery and possible genocide. chairman john imle must decide how to respond to these accusations, and whether unocal needs to rethink or restructure its operations in the face of growing international pressures.
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