business analytics summary and vendor selection

Project Description:

in this task, you will summarize business analytics for the readers of the final project (executives at your company whom you are trying to convince to implement business intelligence).

because business analytics are where the value of business intelligence emerges, a major focus of this task is on imparting to the readers what business values will be derived from using business analytics. this task also includes an evaluation and selection of a preferred business analytics vendor for the organization.

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author a paper that is the next segment or chapter of the final project.
being that, the paper should be congruent with past chapters and should keep in mind the intended audience of organizational leaders for your specific organization.
research and succinctly summarize the activities, processes, methods, and techniques of business analytics as indicated in the themes, the readings, and from additional research taken from authoritative publications.
include in the summary several business analytics value statements relative to a specific organization or industry.
transition from the ba summary to a discussion of vendor selection for the organization.
research at least two of the following ba vendors and their products: oracle, ibm, sap, sas.
be sure to research only the business analytics software and not any other related bi offerings. the listed vendors have hundreds of software products.
for each vendor, provide a summary of their longevity in the business analytics field, their prospects for continuing in the field, and most important, original research of third party evaluations of the vendor. when making vendor selections, the business executives will rely upon expert evaluations of the vendors.
conclude the vendor selection discussion with a recommended choice and the reasons for making that choice.
summarize your analysis and findings.
include a reference page with all in-text citations and references in proper apa format.
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