business annual report

Project Description:

business annual report: you will select a company and analyze the financial statements found in the company's annual report. you will prepare a written report that answers key questions and makes recommendations about whether to purchase the company's stock.

i chose the company arcelormittal; their 2011 annual report is attached.

answer the following questions:

1. examine the income statement to search for the following:
a. income from continuing operations
b. discontinued operations
c. extraordinary gains and losses
d. net income or net loss
e. earnings per share data

2. study the company’s balance sheet to see:
a. what classes of stock each company has issued.
b. which item carries a larger balance-the common stock amount of paid-in capital in excess of par (also labeled additional paid-in capital).
c. the percentage of the company’s total stockholders’ equity made up of retained earnings.
d. whether the company has treasury stock. if so, how many shares and how much is the cost?

3. examine the company’s statement of stockholders; equity for evidence of:
a. cash dividends.
b. stock dividends. (some companies use the term stock split to refer to a large stock dividend).
c. treasury stock purchases and sales.

4. a recommendation. should investors consider this company or not? why?
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