business dashboard and vendor comparison

Project Description:

in this task, you will evaluate and summarize business dashboards and make a dashboard provider recommendation for the readers of your case study company. this task forms the next section of the course project and should be written for consumption within the whole document and for an audience of executives at your company.

you will be investigating two of the following vendors of business intelligence dashboards:

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using the themes and readings as background, supplemented by your own research, investigate what business dashboards are and of what value they provide.
research two of the vendors of business dashboards listed above. include in the comparison:
the company size and longevity in the marketplace.
the major features of the dashboard.
evaluations of the vendor by third parties.
if possible, references of companies that use the vendor dashboard.
many vendors have suites of software in business intelligence; be sure to focus only on dashboards.
make an informed recommendation of one of the vendors including reasoning for the choice.
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