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• project details
project overview
use the websites below to select a business ethics case to review. write a paper describing the ethical issues in the case.
refer to the course schedule within the syllabus for specific project deliverables and due dates.
write a five to seven page paper that includes the following topics as they apply to the case you selected:
• identify the organizational group involved.
• what was the basis of the ethical conflict?
• what impact did legal pressures have on the situation?
• what impact did societal pressures have?
• was the act illegal or just unethical? explain.
• how could organizational leadership have avoided this issue?
• recommend at least two models of ethical decision-making that the organization could use to avoid ethical issues of this sort in the future.
• reflect upon your personal values as they relate to this decision. how would you have handled this differently? why?
• conclusion:

o describe what you have learned concerning business ethics from doing this case study and discuss how you can apply your knowledge in your chosen career. for example, how would you distinguish solid facts from beliefs, desires, theories, unsupported conclusions, opinions, and rationalizations?
o explain why business ethics are important.
o based on what you have learned in this course, what is your attitude concerning ethics and leadership?
all writing must be in apa format, double spaced, in 12 point font and with a 1" margin. please make sure to properly cite all resources.

business case
when extra attention crosses the line
annie has been recently hired full time at a major tech company where she interned for two summers during her college career. annie loves her job and has established many strong relationships with her co-workers over the time she has worked there. the company encourages the interns and new hires to interact with vps and upper management in order to create an open and friendly atmosphere.
during her time as an intern, annie began to notice that one of the vps paid her extra attention. when he was around he would always make an extra effort to stop by annie's cubicle and chat: something he did not do with any of the other interns. he reached out to her over social networking sites and even invited her to a gathering at his house. some of her co-workers began to make offhand comments to annie about the extra attention.
now that she was in a full time position, annie began to dread that she would soon have to work with this vp directly. while he has not done or said anything explicitly inappropriate, the extra attention—and the fact that her co-workers noticed it—made her very uncomfortable and undermined her concentration on work. when she was hired, she was told that she should always speak to her manager if she was uncomfortable or had issues with the work environment. while at the same time, she is afraid to come across like a tattletale since the vp hasn't explicitly done anything wrong.

link below for business case
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