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"what does my paper need to be on," you ask?
just to help clarify what your paper due on september 22, 2015 must be on, here are a few examples, suggestions and requirements.
1. this is a business ethics class, so your paper should be on business ethics of some sort. what are business ethics? come to class, and you will find out! that being said, i am leaving it up to you, the student, to decide what you would like to write your 3 - 4 page expository business ethics paper on. there are a number of issues that one could, at minimum, infer, from the first chapter of the book that would make prime subjects for an expository paper on business ethics.
what is an expository paper? great question! an expository paper is a paper that explains something. there is no need to make an argument. let say you really like fluffy unicorns. your are an expert on fluffy unicorns. you know everything there is to know about fluffy, cute, precious, happy unicorns. pull out your lappy-top, pull up microsoft word, and give write me three to five highly enlightening pages on the empirical evidence suggesting the existence of fluffy unicorns. what are they? how did they come into existence? who discovered them? when were they first discovered? why do you love them so much or why are they so majestic or nigh-uncatchable? you don't need to argue their existence. just tell me awesome facts about adorably fluffy rainbow covered unicorns. (unicorns are just an example. they have nothing to do with either business or ethics, or business ethics, so please don't write about unicorns, fluffy or not).
2. here are some examples of things you could write about for your 3 - 4 page paper on business ethics: shareholders' rights and how they must be considered in everyday business decisions. how do employees stealing pens positively impact your corporate goodwill? how does human nature impact business decisions? how did the enron scandal negatively impact the world of business ethics and regulation? what are more costly, legal costs, or negative impacts on corporate goodwill?
hopefully those examples can help you narrow down your decision. the more precise, the better, but there are plenty of great broad business ethics topics.
3. i would suggest that you write about something that interests you. if you do that, you are more likely to have "fun" writing your paper. if you think that there is nothing that you could write about for this class that could interest you, then you are not thinking outside of the box. love video games? how could playing video games in the office improve worker productivity? like mountain biking? how did the gary fischer bicycle company get it's start, and what were the major business implications thereof? what do you absolutely love to do? now how can you or someone else make money off that? there is probably a business for whatever it is that you love to do, so examine the business model for it and some of the ethical considerations that face the company/industry.
i hope this will help some of you narrow down your topics.
content - 100 points out of 200. content is just what it sounds like: what is in your paper. what did you write about? is it relevant to the class? how well was it researched? how in dept was it? was it an original point of view? did it expand on an existing idea? these are all considerations when grading the content of your paper. some may not apply to your paper. there may be some that may have to do with your paper that are not listed. the general idea here is did you write a well written and researched paper that is relevant to the class?
citation - 50 out of 200 points. simple, do you have five primary sources? did you cite everything that needs citation? did you do internal and external citations? did you plagiarize?
grammar - 25 points out of 200. was your paper edited at least once? or did you write it and turn it in at the last second? did you avoid all of the prohibited words in the requirements? is your sentence structure reasonable?
spelling - 25 points out of 200. did you edit your paper for simple spelling errors? are there spelling errors in your paper at all? did you write it on a word processor? because if so, there is this awesome thing called spell check. was that used? good.
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