business ethics quiz on blackboard.

Project Description:

maker sure that you come to the quiz with clear knowledge of the following:

the basic relationship of dependence between consumer and seller

the macpherson v. buick motor car case of 1916

the due care principle

the caveat emptor principle

the greenman v. yuba power products case of 1963

the relationship between utilitarian thinking and the discussion of product liability

the doctrine of strict product liability

the consumer product safety commission (cpsc)

a philosophical concern associated with the economic costs of product safety and consumer choice.

legal paternalism

the food and drug administration (fda) (both its role within product safety generally, and with product labeling)

a main reason why business tends to prefer self-regulation to government regulation.

the effect of product safety regulation and the automobile industry

the author’s six useful points that will help business to be ethical in the way that it approaches product safety

express warranties

implied warranties

horizontal price fixing

vertical price fixing

price gouging (how does the means/ end principle apply?)

quantity surcharges

some examples from the text of misleading labeling practices

know what ambiguity is and how it can be used

some examples from the text of concealment of facts

some examples from the text of psychological appeals

some examples from the text of exaggeration

federal trade commission (ftc)

ftc v. standard education

some special consideration for ads directed at children

with respect to advertising, what was an important point made by galbraith’s book “the affluent society?

consumer sovereignty

the dependence effect

the debate over the relationship between consumer needs and advertising
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