business function and data of major business application

Project Description:

in this task you will write a short paper summarizing the offering from one business application vendor and how it helps an organization.

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choose one vendor from the following list as the short listed vendors your enterprise is considering doing business with. (it is helpful to have an organization in mind with which you are familiar.)
research the vendor's business applications software to familiarize yourself with the category of business application it offers, the modules that are provided, the function the modules perform, business value statements, and any case studies the vendor offers.
write a short paper (no more than five pages including a title page and references page, formatted to apa standards) addressing the following:
who is the vendor and what major type of business software does the vendor offer? include a summary of the vendor size, longevity, and market served. identify the category of business application that you are focusing on.
outline the modules offered by the vendor suite and the business functions the modules provide.
outline the data the modules produce.
summarize any statements about the possible business value of the data produced and tell why this is important to the company you have in mind.
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