business law chapter 4

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please provide a short answer (5-6 sentences to questions 1-4) question 5 has 4 parts and the answer should be yes/no with a one sentence explanation.

1. what is a tort and provide at least two examples of some common torts.
2. what is the differences between libel and slander?

3. what is conversion and explain its main purpose.

4. what is the legal concept of liability?

5. pratt a stock-car racing driver had entered a race to be held several months later. two days before the race, he left his racing car at a shop to have some last minute adjustments made. when pratt went to pick up the car before the race, the shop owner refused to release it until pratt paid for work that had been done two years earlier on another car. pratt could not raise the money in time and was unable to participate in the race. as a result he had to forfeit his $75 fee he had to pay to enter.

a. did the repair shop act responsibly? n

b. could pratt bring a suit charging the repair shop with conversion?

c. could pratt bring suit against the repair shop to recover his $75 entrance fee?

d. could pratt have the shop owner arrested for larceny?

due 10/28
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