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lulu lowlife hired jeremy jip, a licensed real estate agent, to sell her farm house for $31,500. jeremy jumped right into the job and promptly proceeded to negotiate with a prospective purchaser, mary moron. while traveling to the lowlife house for a tour, mr. jip jumped a curb and crashed into ollie onfoote, a pedestrian, who suffered a crushed cranium as a consequence. ms. moron, a passenger in jip’s jalopy, luckily lurched forward upon contact and only acquired abrasions on her abdomen. despite this disruption of their drive, mary and jeremy at last arrived

at their destination. ms. moron was immensely impressed by the rustic residence and orally offered $41,500 to jeremy to buy it. sensing the scent of a secret commission, jip jovially got going on a contract for $31,500 and amiably agreed to accept an additional $5,000 as a “bonus” from ms. moron. lulu later learned about this benevolent bonus, but consciously completed the conveyance contract in consideration of the fact that the funds from her former farmhouse were sadly to be set-aside to satisfy her unpaid debt owing to her deadly drug dealer, carrie crack. when jeremy jip, an otherwise moral man, discovered the drug dealer’s despicable demands, he deliberately drove to a drug den and killed crack with same parker pen that lulu used to execute the conveyance contract.

1. was jeremy jip lulu’s employee? why or why not? what facts support your conclusion?

2. is lulu liable to mary or ollie for their injuries? why or why not? what facts support your conclusion?

3. what fiduciary duties were breached by jip? provide specific facts to support your conclusions.

4. was the conveyance contract for $31,500 enforceable? why or why not?

evaluation will be based upon the quality of documented application of key course concepts and information to effectively and logically resolve the situation (70%), organization of your document (10%), and the quality of your writing, which will comprise 20% of your evaluation on this task. writing quality includes apa formatting, spelling, grammar, punctuation, and word choice.
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