business law paper

Project Description:

this contains information regarding your final project. this is worth 50 points.

for this, you should choose one of the major laws that we have covered in this course, e.g., an environmental statute, employment statute, etc. as a research project. (note: since our accounting classes typically require a paper on sarbannes-oxley as do some csu-fullerton classes, i cannot accept papers on that topic. you need to utilize some law or regulatory scheme other than the securities acts/sox for your paper.)

you will research this statute and write a paper on how the statute affects the conduct and operation of business, including actual examples of companies impacted by these laws.

you may use any source, including your book, the internet, news articles, business newspapers, etc. for your sources.

your paper should contain:

a cover page with a title and your name;
a minimum of 5 pages of typewritten narrative that summarizes your research (double-spaced); and
a bibliography of sources that you relied upon.
you may use any style manual that you wish to format your bibliography and citations, including but not limited to the blue book, the apa, the mla, etc. i will not be grading you on your citation styles unless they appear to be inconsistent. for this reason, pick one style manual and stick to it.

your paper should be submitted during topic 7. this task counts 50 points.
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