business leadership and approach

Project Description:

i. choose one: chapter eight (transformational leadership), chapter nine (authentic leadership), or chapter ten (servant leadership). you are to write a 1-2 page essay narrative that must include four paragraphs that answers the following questions:
• define and describe the leadership theory/approach
• how does the theory/approach work?
• discuss the theory’s strengths and weaknesses
• how does the theory work in today’s organizational settings?

ii. case study: read case 8.3 “her vision of a model research center” on pages 185-187 of northouse’s book. you are to write a 1-2 page essay narrative that must include the following questions.

• what is it about rachel’s leadership that clearly suggests that she is engaged in transformational leadership?
• in what ways has the growth of iccr had an impact on rachel’s leadership?
• given the problems rachel is confronting as a result of the growth of the company, what should she do to reestablish herself as a transformational leader at iccr?
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