business model

Project Description:

in this task, you will evaluate the current business model and compare it to what you think is the best business model for your selected organization.

you are expected to bring the knowledge and skills you have gained from other courses in the mba program into the development of your course project. because of the interdependent nature of the business disciplines, you are encouraged to draw on your previous work in both core mba courses and specialization courses as you complete your strategic business analysis.


review the project page, if necessary.
for your chosen organization, evaluate the current business model.
what business model does your chosen organization use?
does it work for this organization? is there a better model that should be used?
analyze the business models found in this week's lesson.
write a short paper (one to two pages, formatted in apa style) in which you compare the current business model to the business model you think is best suited to the organization.
include supporting research sources cited and referenced in apa style. refer to your copy of the publication manual of the american psychological association (text) as necessary.
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