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hi expert my professor haven't graded my last paper so i am hopeful that i received a good grade however this is this weeks task below :

read case 1: mystic monk coffee on pages c-2 – c-5 in the back of your textbook. then answer the following questions in detail:

has father daniel mary established a future direction for the carmelite monks of wyoming? what is his vision for the monastery? what is his vision for mystic monk coffee? what is the mission of the carmelite monks of wyoming?

does it appear that father daniel mary has set definite objectives and performance targets for achieving his vision?

what is father prior’s strategy for achieving his vision? what competitive advantage might mystic monk coffee’s strategy produce?

is mystic monk coffee’s strategy a money-maker? what is mmc’s business model? what is your assessment of mystic monk coffee’s customer value proposition? what about its profit formula?

does the strategy qualify as a winning strategy? why or why not?

what recommendations would you make to father daniel mary in terms of crafting and executing strategy for the monastery’s coffee operations? are changes needed in its long-term direction? please comment on its objectives, its strategy, and its approach to strategy execution. explain your position.

your task should be 3-4 page(s) in length.

reference all sources using apa format
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