business policy strategy

Project Description:

read the illustration capsule 1.1 on page 6 of your textbook about mcdonalds. you can also visit the mcdonald’s website for additional information on the corporation. write a paper that includes the following:

what is strategy and why is strategy important for organizational success and competitiveness?

what is the difference between proactive and reactive strategy?
should an organization have both? explain.

based on what you know about the quick-service restaurant industry, does mcdonald’s strategy seem to be well matched to industry and competitive conditions? why or why not?

does mcdonald’s strategy seem to be keyed to having a cost-based advantage, offering differentiating features, serving unique needs of a narrow market niche, or being the best-cost provider?

what is there about the action elements of mcdonald’s strategy that is consistent with its approach to competitive advantage?

based on the information provided in illustration capsule 1.1, which tests of a winning strategy does mcdonald’s strategy pass?

your task should be 3-4 page(s) in length.

reference all sources using apa format.

i can provide a copy of the article as well
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