business process model -

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a business process model done using the attached pdf.

describe the overall business problem/issue/opportunity
•     describe the scope and business objectives of the current process
•     the business challenge you identify could include a business process,data or technology component that fails to support business goals.
•     include the symptoms from the problem as well as the feasibility of finding a solution.
step 3: describe the future, “to-be” process  
•     based on interviews and other requirement gathering techniques, create a high-level requirements document which captures the major functions of the “new and improved” process. the “to-be” process should be driven by business requirements, strategic goals and it objectives.  
•     create a high-level uml-specific activity diagram to visualize the new business process.
•     describe the goal and expected benefits of the new process.
step 4: describe the current “as-is” process
•     based on interviews and other requirements gathering techniques, create a high-level requirements document which captures the major problems/issues/opportunities of the current process.
•     create a uml activity diagram for the “as is”   process. 
step 5: perform a gap analysis of the future and current states
•     compare the differences between the two states.
step 6: recommend an action plan
•     list actions needed to move to the ideal state.   these actions range from introducing a new information system, to adding or reducing functionality of an existing information system, from changing or adding interfaces to shutting down of information systems.
step 7: document your findings and recommendations into a final microsoft powerpoint management presentation.
•     you are free to make assumptions, but be sure to state them.
•     financials desirable but not required.  
•     also the process maps should show “high-level” (not functional breakdown) actors/entities, it components, interfaces and business operations and business.

this can be done in over a seven day period but currently need steps 3 and 4 by monday at the latest.
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