business project under economics.

Project Description:

should be written as u.s.a standard.the format as been given please follow the instruction.
first, select a business as follows: (1) if you are currently employed, select a business you work for. (2) if you are not employed, select a business you worked for in the past. (3) if you have never been employed, select a business a family member works or worked for. indicate whether (1), (2), or (3) applies to the business you selected

next in your own typed words, write one paragraph responses to the following:

(1) briefly describe your business and its main or most important product or service.

(2) do you think the elasticity of demand for the main product or service of your business is elastic or inelastic? why? [note: assess the elasticity of the product or service in general, not the elasticity of your company's particular brand of the product or service.] who would bear the burden of an industry-wide tax on sales of your main product or service - consumers, or businesses and their workers? explain.

(3) what industry market structure does your business compete within? explain and provide evidence or reasoning for your categorization.

(4) does or could your business experience economies of scale? explain. if so, what business strategies might you employ to capture economies of scale?

(5) if you were the owner of your business, how would you decide what price to charge for and how much to sell of your main product or service?

(6) if you were the owner of your business, how would you decide whether or not to hire an additional worker?
your job: apply microeconomic analysis to your business!
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