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this course project is about whole foods and why organic foods are becoming increasingly more and more expensive. i want to present in this paper the research of why the prices are so high and how whole foods market can maintain customer base and work around the issue of organic foods costing more.
included in the “course project” folder i uploaded to you is week 3 – course project discussion that gives a brief overview of why i selected this topic. also . . . week 6 – course project is the outline with a list of references.
instructions: this is to be an 8 – 10 page paper on a business research topic of a company of my choice, which i chose whole foods market. we are to complete the research using both primary and secondary research sources. discuss how the company can leverage the results of the research to drive a competitive business advantage.
the course project must have 5 or more references and must include minimum 2 peer reviewed scholar journal articles. at the end of my outline, i have included a list of references. the reference hyperlinks are also located in the “course project” folder i have uploaded. additional references can be added as well if you would like.
i need this paper by the evening of june 9, 2015. as part of my course project instructions, i have to submit the paper to my universities smart-think lab for critiquing by late tuesday, june 9 or early wednesday, june 10.
my contact info in case you need to speak personally is: (602) 885-7539
thank you christina !!!

vickie kirkpatrick

p.s. all files including research files are attached
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