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hello jack, hope you had a happy thanksgiving. below is the task parameters for wk 3:

complete the problems below and submit your work in an excel document. be sure to show all of your work and clearly label all calculations. all statistical calculations will use the employee salary data set.

1.based on the sample data, can the average(mean) salary in the population be the same for each of the grade levels? (assume equal variance, and use the analysis toolpak function anova.) set up the input table/range to use as follows: put all of the salary values for each grade under the appropriate grade sure to include the null and alternate hypothesis along with the statistical test and result.
2.the table and analysis below demonstrate a 2-way anova with replication. please interpret the results.
3.using our sample results, can we say that the compa values in the population are equal by grade and/or gender, and are independent of each factor?
4.pick any other variable you are interested in and do a simple 2-way anova without replication. why did you pick this variable and what do the results show?
5.using the results for this week, what are your conclusions about gender equal pay for equal work at this point?
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