Project Description:

1. hardware and software are in many items we use in our daily lives. name a few items in your house or office that have some sort of hardware and software. look beyond your computer and other devices used with your computer. thinking of the software that they may have, what does the software provide and how does it make the device/hardware better? respond to at least two of your classmates’ postings.

2. install the application provided with the text. you should be installing microsoft visual c++ 2005 (windows vista users will also need to install service pack 1 before running the program).
you will also need to copy the zip file that provides the c++ libraries: libraries.zip. please read these instructions on downloading the zip files to your hard drive.
as part of this exercise you will also use the sample code below to test the application, compile the code and communicate that your application was installed and working.
this is the sample code:
#include _iostream_
#include _string_
using namespace std;
int main()
string str1("alpha");
string str2("beta");
string str3("omega");
string str4;
// assign a string
str4 = str1;
cout __ str1 __ "n" __ str3 __ "n";
// concatenate two strings
str4 = str1 + str2;
cout __ str4 __ "n";
// concatenate a string with a c-string
str4 = str1 + " to " + str3;
cout __ str4 __ "n";
// compare strings
if(str3 _ str1) cout __ "str3 _ str1n";
if(str3 == str1+str2)
cout __ "str3 == str1+str2n";
/* a string object can also be
assigned a normal string. */
str1 = "this is a null-terminated string.n";
cout __ str1;
// create a string object using another string object
string str5(str1);
cout __ str5;
// input a string
cout __ "enter a string: ";
cin __ str5;
cout __ str5;
return 0;
the code above is a simple program that will output some string statements and then ask for one input and close after you enter text and then hit enter.
try to change the text once you are successful and rename your source file. play around with the strings. report your experience and your efforts to the discussion board. respond to at least two of your classmates’ postings.
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