c-corp stock basis calculation

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i have to calculate the stock basis from the information in the financial statements of 2010 and 2011. see attached...
the net tax increase for the year is of $10,226

the following info is given:
reference the s-corporation task. on 1-1-2012 one of the four shareholders sold her stock shares for $80,000. the corporation has never made a cash distribution to shareholders. as of 12-31-2011, there has never been any transactions in the company's stock shares, except the issuance of stock shares to four shareholders upon formation on 1-1-2000. each shareholder paid equal amounts for their shares on 1-1-2000. on 1-1-2012, shareholder 2 agreed his shares for $90,000 to another individual that is not currently a shareholder. the loans from shareholder are 100% nonrecourse. what is the selling shareholder's basis in his stock shares (on 12-31-11) and what is her gain or loss upon selling the shares on 1-1-2012.

additional info:
to clarify the s-corporation component below, there were 4 initial / "original" shareholders of the s corporation. each paid the same amount for their stock shares when they purchased the shares from the corporation. one "original" shareholder sold stock to a "new" shareholder. a second "original" shareholder also sold stock to a "new" shareholder leaving two original shareholders and two "new" shareholders. what is the stock basis of each of two "original" shareholders that sold their stock?

income items $19,124
nondeductible expenses (185)
deductions/losses (8,713)
net tax increase 10,226

i do not know how to do this...please help :-)
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