c++ object oriented programming

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my project is on hospital.
my sir gave an example of how the project should look .in his example he considered a project on bank.


these were the classes considered by him.he wanted us to have atleast four classes in a project.we should create a story. like if a customer opens an account in any bank , he should have the possibility to withdrawn money from his account and also should have the possibility to close the account. sir also wanted us to have pointers declared as private in the classes.he also wanted to have the functionality of each class in itself.functions for eg in the class bank, it should have functions like add customer, (delete customer)if a customer wish to close account. sir doesn't want us to use main, that is no input should be there.there should be some restrictions created by us.in this case for eg a customer cannot withdra more than 10000zlt , a customer cannot have more than two credit cards in a bank, a customer cannot create two saving account on his name .default constructor and default destructor are obligatory.minimum of four functions are necessary for a class.

in my project i have an idea of using these classes

patients-outpatient, inpatient

i want you to follow the above conditions and use dynamic memory allocations and deallocation wherever possible
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