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hi you did some work for me last weed unfortunately it was giving a zero, this is what the professor said " i will send this back to you for rework.

please look at the message in the week 6 discussion area, on the redefinition of the task. write the program to meet these requirements, and resubmit for grading." this was posted in the discussion area at the beginning of week 6, this is a redefinition of the week 6 individual task:

have a user enter a series of positive numbers, no more than 10 numbers. when the user enters a 0, the user has finished entering the list; or when the user enters the 10th number, the list is finished. all numbers need to be stored in an array. then take the average of the numbers in the array, and display the average to the user.

anyone who submits this work this week will not incur any late penalty.

please reivew this task, and post any questions.

could you help me please
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