c# wsdl parsing and web service

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it is a class project. it should be very simple but too hard for me. need help

part 1:
use the web service at http://graphical.weather.gov/xml/dwmlgen/wsdl/ndfdxml.wsdl to display the five day
forecast for zip codes entered by the user. the user may enter multiple zip codes separated by commas
via a text box. you have to display the maximum and minimum temperatures, weather graphic, and a
short description for each of the five days for each of the zip codes.
part 2:
use the web service at http://www.omdbapi.com/ to allow the user to search for movies using a search
string entered via a text box. you should display a list of all movies that match the search criteria. the
user should be able to select any of the movies and view the following information about the selected
movie - release date, runtime, genre, rating, plot, tomato rating, number of fresh tomatoes, and
number of rotten tomatoes
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