calculating and analyzing ratios

Project Description:

based on the financial information
provided, calculate the following ratios
and explain their purpose:
current ratio
inventory turnover ratio
accounts receivable turnover ratio
debt to equity ratio
return on assets ratio
asset turnover ratio
return on equity ratio
profit margin ratio
price-earnings ratio
dividend yield ratio

note: when a balance sheet amount is
related to an income statement amount
in computing a ratio, the balance sheet
amount should be an average of that
period. the average is calculated by
adding the ending balances of this year
and last year and dividing the result by 2.
describe how a bank lending officer
might use ratio analysis. select five ratios
that would be most useful for the
purpose and explain the rationale for
your selection.
submission requirements: submit your
answers in a microsoft (ms) word file.
font: arial, 12 point, double-spaced
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