capstone project - final paper

Project Description:

students will create a strategic business plan for their culminating project in bus-485. the structure of this task is comprehensive and integrative. it requires synthesis and evaluation of information, skills, and knowledge developed throughout the program.

you will be required to submit a specific section of the capstone in each topic of the course as indicated in the task directions. each section will be due by the end of the topic in which it is assigned. review "capstone project task directions" for additional information.

executive summary

revise the overview written in topic 1 into the executive summary for your strategic business plan. describe each section of the plan in a few sentences so the reader can understand what will follow in the detailed sections in your document.

final strategic business plan

integrate the components developed in each topic into a finalized strategic business plan. incorporate any feedback from your instructor into the final document as well. the document should include appropriate headings for each section. review "capstone project template" in the course materials for a formatting sample. you should cite and reference 7-10 secondary sources in your final draft. your final document should be between 4,250-5,250 words.

prepare this task according to the apa guidelines. an abstract is not required. i have attached the template as to how this paper should be written.

this task uses a rubric. please review the rubric prior to beginning the task to become familiar with the expectations for successful completion.

task is due by thursday, november 26, 2015.
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