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here is the project from the previous case that i gave you. 3. windell hotels, inc. claims that it did not have a contract with jennifer because she was a minor at the time of her dealings with jones and that it is therefore not responsible to jones. the contract was void. jones can refute this argument because: a) the fact that jennifer was only days away from becoming an adult negates her minor status. b) being a minor doesn’t affect her agency relationship with windell. c) the privilege to renounce the contract lies with the minor. d) both b and c 4. jones wants to sue jennifer’s mother personally because she has all the family money. jennifer hooley, the mother, says that she isn’t responsible because she doesn’t own the company anymore. will jennifer hooley, the mother, win? a) yes, because jennifer’s travels is a sole proprietorship and if she doesn’t own it anymore, she isn’t personally responsible for its liabilities. b) no, because she owned the business at the time of the contract with jones. c) no, because jones knew her as the owner. d) both b and c 5. jones wants to get his money back for the trip including the additional charges for those items not included in his “all inclusive” vacation. under what contract theory or theories could jones prevail in his suit? a) the advertisement and website created an express warranty that the trip would include all expenses, three meals a day, and a room with a queen bed. b) jones entered into the contract based on a mistake of material fact which the hotel knew to be untrue. c) under the ucc written disclaimers must be conspicuously displayed to be valid. d) all of the above essay: instructions: frame a complete definition of the legal question asked and explain how the law applies to the facts. suggested length is two to three paragraphs. jones brings suit against all the defendants, windell hotel, inc. and jennifer’s tours for negligence. explain the theory, the elements and how it would apply to jones’ case. will jones be successful against all the defendants? explain. be sure to include any and all defenses, if any, that may lie in your discussion.
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