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answer one or more of the following:
a. the wto, imf, and world bank operate on a global level. regional changes have also taken place based on the notion that trade between countries needs to be encouraged. of particular importance was the formation of economic blocs that integrated the economic and political activities of nations. eu, nafta, asean, apec, mercosur, and gcc are the notable ones.
a-a. pick one of these regional blocs and do a quick search on what countries are included in these regional blocs and what the mission of these regional blocs are.
a-b. understandably, there more of these regional blocs promoting trade and endorsing their positions within international trade. research more of these economic blocs and post the member countries of each. for example, who are the members negotiating to join the trans pacific partnership (tpp)?
b. we are defining culture as an integrated system of learned behavior patterns that are distinguishing characteristics of the members of any given society (text pg. 61)
b-a. research examples of acculturation (adjusting and adapting to a specific culture other than one's own) you have had to do, via making friends or doing business with people from different cultural backgrounds.
b-b. for those of you with international background, what are some of the 'tips' you would inform your american colleagues to keep in mind, when doing business with people from your own country/culture? keep in mind i may ask you later of the level of 'context' in each culture (see pg. 62 in the text for the high-context culture vs. low-context culture). think about in terms of different elements of culture: language, verbal and non-verbal, religion, manners and customs, aesthetics, etc.
b-c. find examples where self-reference criterion (an unconscious reference to one's own cultural values) can be a danger to doing international business effectively.
b-d. find examples where ethnocentrism (the belief that one's own culture is superior to others) can ruin potential international business relationships.
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