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read the case and answer 4 questions. question 1: please utilize information in the case and your own familiarity with kfc and pizza hut to outline a swot analysis. in other words, point out yum!china’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. under each sub-heading, you may use bullet points.
question 2: based on yum’s experience in china, what are the top 5 lessons western restaurant/dining/fast-food companies can learn from the case in terms of building and sustaining a thriving business in china?
question 3: what special challenges did yum face in exporting the kfc model to china and how did sam su solve them? please outline yum! china’s strategy in terms of (a) business model: e.g., menu localization, restaurant interior, advertising, management style, etc. and (b) operations: e.g., national expansion versus selective cities, sourcing and supply-chain strategy.
question 4: evaluate sam su’s “new fast food” strategy in china. do you agree with this approach? pick a position (you agree or you disagree) and justify your stance.
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