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pearl is an internet technology representative who is employed by pi computer systems. while pearl was shopping for some duct tape at the fix-a-lot hardware store one cloudy afternoon she ran into darrell who she went to high school with at delta high.
as pearl and darrell reminisced and got to know each other again, pearl found out that darrell is starting his own company to sell the composting bins that he designs and manufacturers. he was at the hardware store researching materials for a new composting bin he is designing. he is in the very early stages of the business and just getting everything set up. he told pearl that he just bought some equipment that he needed and that he signed a lease for some land that he is going to be renting to use to make the composting bins.
pearl and darrell really hit it off. it turns out that darrell had a crush on pearl all through high school but was embarrassed to tell her about it back then. pearl never noticed darrell much in high school, but she became quite taken with him as they talked at the hardware store. she enjoyed listening to him tell her about his business so much that when he asked her if she would like to go with him to kappa, the coffee bar down the street to so that they could continue their conversation she agreed.
at kappa, darrell found out that pearl designs web pages in her spare time. darrell really needed a web page designed for his new composting business, so he hired pearl to design a web page for $400. he told pearl he needed the web page designed by the end of the month, and pearl agreed as that was reasonable. at 4:50 p.m. pearl suddenly remembered that she had to pick up her bride's maid dress for her sister wedding before the store closed at 5:00 p.m. she was in such a hurry that she did not have time to pay for her coffee. she explained to the barrista as she was rushing out of the coffee bar. the barrista was a bit upset until darrell agreed to pay for pearl's coffee. he didn't mind as he knew he would be seeing pearl again when she worked on the web page design.
a few days later before pearl began working on the web page, darrell's computer system started acting up and his design software was not performing as usual. so, he asked pearl to trouble-shoot the software for an additional $400. pearl agreed. the en¬tire contract to design the web page and trouble-shoot the software was oral.
pearl and darrell saw each other several times during the next few weeks as she was designing the web page and trouble-shooting the software. they both really enjoyed each other's company, and darrell feeling extra confident one day after he landed a client who ordered 100,000 composting bins at $2,000 each promising that they will be ordering more and that they could probably keep darrell employed for life decided to take his chances and see if his high school crush would agree to become his bride. he proposed to pearl who immediately accepted.
pearl and darrell wanted to get married right away. one of the reasons was because darrell realized that they could save a lot if they made it a double wedding with pearl's sister. pearl's sister was so delighted for pearl that she agreed to share her special day. things were going great until darrell decided that he had to protect his business and he asked pearl to sign a prenuptial agreement. the agreement provided only that if they were to get divorced darrell would pay pearl $5,000 a month in alimony. pearl was so insulted that she called off the wedding.
being a professional she still completed the work for the web page and the trouble-shooting on time as she promised, but darrell refused to pay her the $800. pearl filed suit against darrell to recover the $800. darrell raised the statute of frauds as a de¬fense. what is the court likely to rule, and why (i.e. will pearl be able to recover the $800? why or why not?)?
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