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please note, this is an in depth writing task that actually has four parts.

attached is the case (harley davidson) and the full task.
each question needs 4 to 5 sentence answers. if external sources are used a reference page is needed with the complete source information.

part one has a deadline of one week from today (10/29 1pm). part one has 4 phases as noted below. so deadline date would be 11/5 at 1pm eastern standard time.

please review and respond with a rate quote for consideration. further details will be given after initial rate quote. thank you in advance.

analyze current situation
phase 1 – the environment

1. what is the state of the economy and are there any trends that could affect the industry, firm, or marketing strategy?
2. what are current trends in cultural and social values and how do these affect the industry, firm, or marketing strategy?
3. what are current political values and trends and how do they affect the industry, firm, or marketing strategy?
4. is there any current or pending federal, state, or local legislation that could change the industry, firm, or marketing strategy?
5. overall, are there any threats or opportunities in the environment that could influence the industry, firm, or marketing strategy?

phase 2 – the industry

1. what industry is the firm in?
2. which firms are the major competitors in the industry and what are their annual sales, market share, and growth profile?
3. what strategies have competitors in the industry been using and what has been their success with them?
4. what are the relative strengths and weaknesses of competitors in the industry?
5. is there a threat of new competitors coming into the industry and what are the major entry barriers?
6. are there any substitute products for the industry and what are their advantages and disadvantages compared to this industry's products?
7. how much bargaining power do suppliers have in this industry and what is its impact on the firm and industry profits?
8. how much bargaining power do buyers have in this industry and what is its impact on the firm and industry profits?

phase 3 – the organization

1. what are the objectives of the organization? are they clearly stated? attainable?
2. what are the strengths of the organization? managerial expertise? financial? copyrights or patents?
3. what are the constraints and weaknesses of the organization?
4. are there any real or potential sources of dysfunctional conflict in the structure of the organization?
5. how is the marketing department structured in the organization?

phase 4 – the marketing strategy

1. what are the objectives of the marketing strategy? are they clearly stated? are they consistent with the objectives of the firm? is the entire marketing mix structured to meet these objectives?
2. what marketing concepts are at issue in the current strategy? is the marketing strategy well planned and laid out? is the strategy consistent with sound marketing principles? if the strategy takes exception to marketing principles, is there a good reason for it?
3. to what target market is the strategy directed? is it well defined? is the market large enough to be profitably served? does the market have long-run potential?
4. what competitive advantage does the marketing strategy offer? if none, what can be done to gain a competitive advantage in the marketplace?
5. what products are being sold? what are the width, depth, and consistency of the firm's product lines? does the firm need new products to fill out its product line? should any product be deleted? what is the profitability of the various products?
6. what promotion mix is being used? is promotion consistent with the products and product images? what could be done to improve the promotion mix?
7. what channels of distribution are being used? do they deliver the right product at the right time and right place to meet customer needs? are the channels typical of those used in the industry? could channels be made more efficient?
8. what pricing strategies are being used? how do prices compare with similar products of other firms? how are prices determined?
9. are marketing research and information systematically integrated into the marketing strategy? is the overall marketing strategy consistent?
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