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case johnson controls, inc.johnson controls, inc., provides control and automotive systems worldwide. the controls division offers mechanical and electrical systems that control energy use, air-conditioning, lighting, security, and fire safety for buildings. the company also provides on-site management and technical services for customers in a range of settings, including manufacturing installations, commercial buildings, government buildings, hospitals, and major sports complexes.while serving a full range of market sectors from manufacturers to educational institutions, johnson controls has developed a suite of products and services for large retail chains, including department stores, discount stores, grocers, and “big box” supercenters. most major shopping malls in north america are customers. johnson controls’ products include a variety of control panels that manage hvac equipment, transportation, airflow, lighting levels, energy consumption, and air quality—and even determine how many customers enter and exit a store. behind the control systems is a remote operations center for 24-hour monitoring: many problems can be diagnosed and corrected online. johnson controls has recently developed a product and service solution that targets the convenience store industry. the convenience store controller smartly manages a store’s lighting, refrigeration, and hvac, alerting store personnel to malfunctions. building on its deep experience in working with large grocery chains, johnson controls can demonstrate to a convenience store chain how the system reduces energy costs, prevents food spoilage, improves occupant comfort, and lowers the cost of maintenance. discussion questions1. outline the advertising strategy johnson controls might follow to promote the convenience store controller. what benefits would you emphasize in the body of an ad?2. develop a list of keywords you would use in promoting the product through google’s internet search advertising program.
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